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Topics include:

  • Load Share Concepts
  • Load Control Techniques
  • Load Leveling Practices
  • Center of Gravity Concepts
  • Cribbing use and Wood Blocking
  • Proper Tag Line Use
  • Chainfalls and Lever Hoists use
  • Inverting loads with cranes
  • Sling tensions calculations
  • Determining the Center of Gravity
  • Determining the Load Share
  • 2-crane lifts and share of the load on each crane
  • Drifting loads (horizontal move) with multiple hoists
  • Lever Bars (Johnson bars)
  • Moving loads on inclined planes. . . . and lots more!
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    The 5th Edition of the Rigging Handbook is a clear, well-illustrated reference book for millwrights, rigging professionals, crane operators and anyone who is involved with performing or teaching rigging and hoisting operations. Users will appreciate the simple layout, organization and detailed illustrations provided in this edition of the Rigging Handbook, with its concise, simple answers to rigging questions that may otherwise appear complex in nature. This edition has emphasis on regulation and code changes effecting equipment use.

    • ©2016, Jerry Klinke
    • ISBN 978-1-8-8872418-9
    • SKU# RIGHB-5
    • 256 pages
    • Over 450 illustrations
    • Size: 4" x 7" x 0.50"
    • Soft cover / paperback

    What were the most significant changes in the 5th edition?

    Adding more information about sling protection, minimum corner radius required for some slings, and the requirements for sling protection (softeners)

    Did you change the page numbers?
    NO – the pages still in the same order as the 4th edition, although some content may have changed depending on the topic, so the instructors using this book will not have to update their existing lesson plans or training materials to reflect any page changes.

    Are the sling capacity tables still in the book?
    YES – These were left the book, even though ASME and OSHA no longer publish capacity tables in any of the standards or regulations. More emphasis is now placed on reading the actual tag on each sling in order to determine the safe working loads for the sling.

    Are there still capacity charts for machinery eyebolts?
    YES – The table for ASME B30.26 eyebolts was removed from this new edition due to a conflict in values between AMSE B30.26, ANSI B18.15, and eyebolt manufacturers. We have seen accidents caused by people using eyebolts incorrectly. We know that the capacity of an eyebolt must be reduced when using them at an angle, but how much reduction varies by each manufacturer, and some eyebolt manufacturers no longer allow their products to be used at an angle less than 45 degrees.

    What specific sling types have updated content?

    • Synthetic roundslings have updated data for minimum connection size (like with shackles) based on the capacity of each sling (page 51)
    • High performance Twin-path® slings (page 54) have connection and bending diameters listed
    • Alloy chain slings (page 56) now have a MINIMUM D/d radius per ASME B30.9 and a reduction table (page 19) for slings being used with a radius that is less than the 6:1 now required

    Is there anything that affected all sling types?
    YES – Edge protection or “softeners” have increased emphasis due to sling failures we are seeing in the industry. Synthetic roundslings have a mandatory requirement for a minimum edge radius (page 179).

    What area in the book was enhanced the most?
    The REQUIRED use of “softeners” by OSHA and the other rigging standards are listed (page 178) and the types of softeners needed for abrasion and cut protection is explained.

    Are there any other notable changes in the 5th edition?
    A simplified method to determine forces with inclined planes was added (page 141) along with some improved illustrations. Specific references to applicable standards and regulations were added or updated in many areas. And a new index was added to the back of the book to help users locate specific topics.

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